Bristol Prize

Our Volume 8 cover design

September 26, 2015   Joe Melia

Each year we run an anthology cover design project with final year Illustration degree students at the University of the Vol-8-frontWest of England. We are always astounded at the quality and originality of the work submitted by the students.

Many congratulations to Imogen Clifton whose design (right) we are delighted to be using for this year’s anthology. Many thanks also to course leaders Chris Hill and Jonathan Ward for making the project so rewarding and to all the students who submitted designs.

We asked Imogen a few questions about her work.

What was your reaction when you found out that your design had been chosen for the BSSP anthology cover?

I was of course over the moon! From the moment I was given the brief I dedicated a lot of time and thought into the project. I enjoyed the challenge of having to capture the essence of all the very different stories inside the Anthology, without being too specific to any one theme or concept. For this reason I decided to look at stories in general, and focus on the idea of how books can transport us. It was great to be recognised and for all that hard work to pay off.

Is there a narrative element to your cover design work or do you think that cover art serves more of an aesthetic function?

There are always ideas behind my illustrations. I love creating narratives. I believe that illustration can be a powerful means for generating ideas and feelings. However without the aesthetic function, there may be no one looking! So I’d say that both are important.

For which book from the past would you like to have designed the cover ?

Papillion by Henri Charrière.

How does Bristol’s cultural and artistic heritage influence your work?

I am constantly inspired by the vibrant and creative people that live in the city. I love wondering around with my dog and a sketchbook, imagining stories of where they are going.

What are your future plans now that you have graduated?

I am currently in San Francisco visiting publishers. I have just handed my portfolio into Chronicle Books and I am very excited to see how that pans out. I would love to be a successful freelance illustrator as it is my absolute love and passion.

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