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Our 2017 winner, Dima Alzayat, signs with literary agent

December 15, 2017   Joe Melia

Congratulations to our recently-crowned 2017 winner, Dima Alzayat, who has been signed by literary agent Juliet Pickering of the prestigious Blake Friedmann agency.

Juliet, who was on this year’s judging panel, says of Dima’s writing:

“It sounds really clichéd to say, but from the very first time I read Ghusl (Dima’s winning story), I wanted it to be our winner. Dima is so skilled at balancing the subtle pathos of everyday events with something that runs much deeper. The voices of her characters are recognisable, but yet come from a place we have yet to really uncover and explore in fiction – a reflection on Dima’s own Syrian-American background, which offers a perspective that was new to me.  I’m always keen to find fresh, talented and largely-unheard voices, and Dima’s is definitely one of those.”

Dima says: “After meeting Juliet, I couldn’t think of a better person to represent me. I know I’m in capable hands, which takes off some of the external pressures of being a new writer so that I can focus on writing and finishing my short story collection. I never could have imagined that winning the Bristol Prize would lead to this.”

We look forward to reading much more of Dima’s work in the future.


Dima’s 2017 BSSP winning story, Ghusl, is published in our latest anthology along with the 19 other shortlisted stories from this year’s competition. It is available from Tangent Books.

Photo credit: Michael Lloyd


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