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Emma Timpany Novella Published

July 20, 2018   Joe Melia

Congratulations to Emma Timpany whose novella, Travelling in the Dark, has just been published by Fairlight Books. From the publisher’s website: “Set in the wild, beautiful and unreliable landscape of southern New Zealand, Emma Timpany’s novella is an evocative story of a woman coming to terms with her past.”

The book has had some excellent advance praise:

A tour de force of imagery and emotion.’ – Clio Gray, author of The Anatomist’s Dream

‘Is this a story about love? In part it is: love and the absence of love. The love that should be there but isn’t, the love you go in quest of and the love that travels with you, half-unnoticed.’ – Felicity Notley, editor of Cornish Short Stories: A Collection of Cornish Contemporary Writing

‘This is a clever, sensitive and deserving book. The journey leaves us, not with the expected finish but, instead, a master stroke.’Candy Neubert, poet

‘Atmospheric and resonant, simply and beautifully told.’ Rupert Wallis, author of The Dark Inside and All Sorts of Possible

We wish Emma great success with the book and her future writing.

Emma was shortlisted for the 2015 Bristol Short Story Prize. Her shortlisted story, Flowers, was published in our 8th anthology.

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