Bristol Prize

BSSP Website Photos

January 26, 2009   Joe Melia

We have loaded some new images on to our site. These photos were taken by two photography students- Jennifer Cope and Susan Eyles. They are studying at Filton College in Bristol. We aim to make this an annual project done in conjunction with the Photography course at Filton college.

Jennifer is currently studying towards a degree course here in Bristol. This vibrant, mutli cultured city has been home for this Scottish lass for the last 7 years. As well as a passion for photography, Jennifer has traveled extensively in South East Asia, Nepal, Australia and New Zealand. Chocolate and time spent with her four legged companion are also a high priority!!

Brought up in South Africa, Susan recently moved to Bristol after living near Oxford for a number of years. Photography has always been her passion and much of her work is a personal expression; a way to visually express her thoughts and feelings. She loves reading and being outside; but hates peanut butter and people behaving badly.

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