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2016 Bristol Short Story Prize Longlist

July 13, 2016   Joe Melia

2016 compWe are delighted to announce the 40 stories and writers selected for the 2016 Bristol Short Story Prize longlist.

We received a total of 2,160 entries and, once again, feel very fortunate to have been sent so many wonderful stories.

It has been inspiring to see the vast number of styles, themes, structures, voices, characters, settings and approaches to short story writing in the submissions, and we can’t thank the writers enough for the hours and hours of thought-provoking, eye-opening, imaginative and powerful reading that they have provided.

Getting on to this longlist represents a huge achievement and is something to be celebrated. The longlist is the result of months and months of reading, discussion and extremely careful decision making. So, many, many congratulations to all the writers and we wish them the best of luck for the rest of the competition.

The shortlist will be announced on this website on Wednesday July 27th at 2pm (BST)


2016 Bristol Short Story Prize Longlist (listed A-Z by author)


Gauri and the Nightwatchman  – Vimi Bajaj (USA)

Ring of White Handkerchiefs – Matt Barnard (England)

The Iconoclast – Andrew Blackman (England)

Making Fists – Kate Brown (Germany)

Wet Wool – Becky Carnaffin (Scotland)

Blue Cheese Dip – Jack Collins (England)

Daphne’s Angel – Joanna Duffy (England)

Wild Frontier – Tom Durrant (England)

Doing a Good Turn – K M Elkes (England)

Red Rock Brothers – Kim Fleet (England)

Diving – Laurie Frankel (USA)

Dead Dogs – Rhoda Greaves (England)

Never Thought He’d Go – Francoise Harvey (England)

The Sticking Place -Janey Holmes (England)

The Smiling Comb – Jo Holmwood (Ireland)

My Beauty – Sarah Isaac (Scotland)

Lemons – Katarzyna Jaronczyk (Canada)

Fence – Sally Jubb (England)

Without Wings – Amna Khokher (Wales)

Six Fields, a Wood, a Stream – Niamh MacCabe (Ireland)

The Trial of Lillian Millar – Stewart MacInnes (Scotland)

Noli Me Tangere – Fiona J Mackintosh (USA)

The Red Sea – Tanner McSwain (USA)

Paint – Melody Miller (England)

Bugs in Amber – Zara Joan Miller (England)

Sea Gift – Fiona Mitchell (England)

On an Earth Uniformly Covered by Sea – Laura Morgan (Scotland)

Operative Guidance (DRAFT) – Yasmin Murgai (England)

Z is for Zoologist – Martin Nathan (England)

The Gate – Janet Newman (New Zealand)

After Pandora – John O’Donnell (Ireland)

Winder’s Cleaning Services – C.H.Pearce (Australia)

Lions – Rizwan Piracha (England)

Spacehopping – Vanessa Pope (Ireland)

Love Itself Shall Slumber – Ina Sanjana (England)

Kākahu­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ – Stefanie Seddon (England)            

The Temple of the Yhani – Katherine Stephens (England)      

Topics on Which I Routinely Seek the Advice of My Friend Celia -Tracey Taylor (England)

Blue Bahari – Jo Tiddy (England)

Magda – Tom Watson (England)


Notable Contenders  

Helion’s Cottage – Ann Abineri (England)

The Arrangement – Andrew Aikman (USA)

Stepping Out – Judith Allnatt (England)

Pelorus Jack – Sandra Arnold (New Zealand)

Elizabeth – Sarah Barnes (England)

The Bar Bell – Jacqueline Bennett (England)

Love in a Balham Cupboard – Astra Bloom (England)

Goodbye Malory Towers – Katharina Cairne (England)

Stargazing – Andrew Davis (Wales)

The Museum of All That Had Been Lost – Emily Devane (England)

Beneath an Oak Tree Shaped Like a Squirrel – Carlson Heath (USA)

The Distance – Keren Heenan (Australa)

The Chicken Catcher – Daniel Lillford (Canada)

Guitar Hero – Louise Mangos (Switzerland)

A Church Somewhere in Lagos – Tunde Oyebode (England)

Comparative Self-Enhancement Strategies: Examining Their Practical Applications at the Dinner Table – Rory Power (England)

All the Rows of Houses – Elske Rahill (Ireland)

1.5 x 2.5 – Danielle Vrublevskis (England)

Required Fields – Mark Wagstaff (England)

All We Need to See – Michelle Wright (Australia)













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