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2014 Bristol Short Story Prize Longlist

July 17, 2014   Joe Melia

2014 BS7 flyerWe are thrilled to announce the longlist for the 2014 Bristol Short Story Prize. We received a total of 2,473 entries from writers based in 65 different countries and what a fantastic time our readers have had devouring so many wonderful short stories. There were several recurring themes and subjects – childhood and adolescence featured very prominently once again this year and parents, revenge, water, survival, school, isolation, the near future, mental illness and loss were all popular.

Overall, the variety and originality of the writing has been stunning, demonstrating the fertile and vibrant nature of current short story writing. This made selecting the 40 stories for the longlist a very exciting and inspiring task.

Many, many thanks to all the writers who sent in their stories. We feel very fortunate to have received such a vast array of gems from so many really talented writers. And a big thank-you to our readers whose months of careful, conscientious reading and decision-making have produced a wonderful longlist.

Finally, it’s important to stress what an achievement it is to be selected for this list. It really is something to celebrate. These decisions are taken very seriously, debated and discussed passionately – so many, many congratulations to all those who have been selected and best of luck to all for the rest of the competition.

2014 Bristol Short Story Prize Longlist (listed alphabetically by author’s name):

Mid-air – Jennifer Allott (England)
Ankita – Vimi Bajaj (USA)
Album Review: Thoughts of Home by We Thought We Were Soldiers – Martyn Bryant (Canada)
The Dancers – Christopher Copland (England)
Mountain Goat – Theresa Coulter (USA)
All of You Hold on to Your Happiness Tonight – Antara Das (India)
Sixteen – Celia de Freine (Ireland)
Billy Longstride and the Brute – Kit de Waal (England)
Giraffe High – K.M. Elkes (England)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Richard Fifield (USA)
Days – Amaryllis Gacioppo (Australia)
Tata and Mama and Me – Claire Griffiths (England)
Mistake Rib – Liz Hambrick (England)
The Tower – Sophie Hampton (England)
Early Days – Joanne Hayden (Ireland)
The Stone, the Storm, the End of Huckleberry Finn – James Hughes (Australia)
Dinky and Me – Will Ingrams (England)
The Collector – Sarah Isaac (Scotland)
The Facilitator of Fantasies – Barbara Jenkins (Trinidad and Tobago)
Be Prepared – James Kincaid (USA)
Bundle – Harriet Kline (England)
Beached – Danielle McLaughlin (Ireland)
Biscuits for Special Occasions – Keeley Mansfield (Ireland)
Scars on Their Knuckles – Lynsey May (Scotland)
Say Nothing – Anna Mazzola (England)
The Colour of Mud – Fiona Mitchell (England)
Cabinet Reshuffle – Thomas Mogford (England)
Tethered – Emma Murray (England)
A Peacock, A Pig – Benjamin Myers (England)
Campers – Candy Neubert (England)
Rosa, Gathering Sunlight – Mark Newman (England)
Doc’s Thread – Jez Noond (England)
Guerilla War – Paddy O’Reilly (Australia)
All is Music – Tannith Perry (England)
Terrorism and Tourism – Chris Pritchard (England)
The Art of Flood Survival – Mahsuda Snaith (England)
Thirst – Phoebe Tsang (Canada)
Sunday in Fall River – Michael Van Devere (USA)
Debt – Tom Vowler (England)
Nowhere Land – David Wareham (England)

Notable Contenders: these stories were in the running for the longlist right up to the point the final decisions were made

Catman Calls His Baby or The Rainbow – Philip Corker (England)
Full Fathom Five – Anne Corlett (England)
Galway Shawl – Michael Flavin (UK)
Retard – Tom Gatehouse (Wales)
On Margate Sands – Uschi Gatward (England)
Salt and Honey – Joanna Jones (Wales)
The Cow – Parashar Kulkarni (USA)
Another Time – Maggie Ling (England)
The Scabbaeus Moon – Daniel Richardson (England)
Air – Belinda Rimmer (England)
The Tiny Seconds of Love – Derek Routledge (Wales)
The Tattoo Artist – Claire Snook (England)
Angles – Heather Sappenfield (USA)

The 2014 Bristol Short Story Prize shortlist will be announced at 2pm (BST) on July 30th on this website.

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