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2009 BSSP longlist announced

May 6, 2009   Joe Melia

Many thanks to all those who entered the 2009 Prize. The 40 stories listed below comprise this year’s longlist. Congratulations to the authors  and best of luck to all of them for the rest of the 2009 Prize. The competition for the longlist was incredibly stiff and it’s a great acheivement to have made it this far.

The stories are listed in the order that they were received and by title only – this is to ensure that the judges do not know any of the authors’ names and are basing their decisions purely on the words in front of them. The authors who are selected for the shortlist will be notified at the end of May. The shortlist will be announced on the website at the beginning of June.

2009  Bristol Short Story Prize Longlist

Love Silk Food

The Casket Maker

The Sand Doll


Island Special

The Whiteladies Picture House

The Test


For Martha

Way To Go

The Piano

Strange But True

That Kind of Man

Beyond the Blackout Curtain

Flyaway Day

End-of-Life Liaison

Pictures In The Dust

Last Man Standing

God’s Coin

The Interminable Millisecond

With Thy Fire Divine

Old Fires

Herself’s Dead Cat

Hen Night

Those Paper Boats

Lee Ferrer’s Brother

Second Degree

The Little Match Girl

One in the Eye for Chance


The Woman in the White-Feathered Hat

Dog meets Dog

Blue Monsters

Alone in Bloemfontein

The Final Whistle

Danny the Champion of Redland Library

Nobody Home

Upwards, and Upwards, and Upwards

Rule of Thumb

Broken Glass

We would also like to commend the stories listed below. They were in the reckoning for the longlist right up to the end.

Comrades In Arms

The Price of Hair


Six Plus Six

Blood Ties

Suspended Sentence

Holy Ants

Visiting Rites

How to Live Happily Ever After


Arthur and I

Fifty Dollars

The Casket

Even Elephants

Child’s-Eye View

Poodle Women


In It To Win

The Wild Patch

Road Rage

Red Dog

Northern Species

Mind Games

Dreams in Electric Blue

That Kind of Friday

23 Men in a Container

The Man Who Stood Still

The Lark at Break of Day

My Baby

Scraps of Paper

Relative to Elsa

Fragments of an Old Letter

Solitary Confinement



A Little Hope

She was Glitter and Shine

The Assassin

The Day The Shah Came to Germany

Mrs Joseph

Growing Pains

Bitter Lemons

The Body


Violet Knight

Everyone in the Whole, Entire World Laughed at the Same Time

Not Like Us

Hit and Myth

No Fools Gold

Resolution Rose – a Modern fairy Tale

Fatherly Feelings

Girl, Dancing

Slow Boat to Everywhere

The Other Woman

The One Who Got Away

Journeys End in Lovers Meeting

Marram Grass

Broader considerations and consequential events arising from a lecture on the mathematics of wave phenomena

Ellen and Dan on a Day



The Collector

Fever 101

Marx, Lenin and Brian


The Summer of Stepan Danilov’s Discomfort


The Storm Lamp

Dear Future Self

Fly on the Ceiling

Before That



Real Care Baby

Love Unconditional

Growing Pains

Because It Said So

Saving Face

Constant’s Noise

A Perfect Size Five

A Conversation With Death

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