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2008 Bristol Short Prize Winner announced

June 29, 2008   screenbeetle

Rebecca Lloyd, a creative writing teacher who lives in Bristol, is the winner of the inaugural Bristol Short Story Prize. Many congratulations to her.

Rebecca was presented with her prizes at last night’s awards ceremony. Rebecca’s winning story, ‘The River’, is available to order along with 19 other wonderful stories in the 2008 Anthology.


Rebecca runs her creative writing course at the Grant Bradley Gallery in the Bedminster area of Bristol. She says of last night’s events :

The whole experience was terrific. Someone told me I did a double-take when my name was called out. I felt as if I was a character inside one of my own stories. Or, as if I was in one of those dreams we sometimes have that make us feel comfortable and at peace when we wake up in the morning. And I had the chance to see my daughter’s face in the crowd, all aglow and smiling, and that was very special to me.

Because I love teaching creative writing, and because Bristol is full of creative people, I’m hoping that more people who want to write, but just need a hand to get started, will join my course and begin their own journey into fiction writing.

Second prize was awarded to Derek Sellen, a teacher from Canterbury, for his story ‘Angel and Assassin’.

There was a joint third prize given to Catherine Chanter from Great Missenden, who works in different areas supporting children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, for her story ‘Boys Guide to Winning- No.1 Hide and Seek’ and also to Anthony Howcroft, who splits his time between a village outside Oxford and Orange County, U.S.A., for his story ‘The Cobblestones Sparkle’.

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